About Design DNA
"Good design is quality for life".

Typically, projects range from independent industrial design, to where fine art meets state of the art production.

Areas of Work:

  • Furniture - Sculpture - Art - Architecture.
  • Product - Industrial - Automotive and Marine design.
  • Silverware, Figurine, Jewellery Design.
  • Controls, Mechanisms, Ergonomics, Aesthetics + Function.
  • Code - Script / Algorithm Development.
  • Surface design. 3D pattern development.

In establishing a link between the end-users experience and production. Parametric design gives you the ability to engineer and detail your product all the way up-until press.

Design Services:

  • Custom scripts for geometry generation.
  • Project brief and scope of works development.
  • Parametric, sculptural, exploratory CAD modelling.
  • Multi-object automation and surface decoration for production and construction.
  • Visualisation for narrative, function and aesthetic value.

Developing ideas on quality of experience. Design DNA supplies quick paint visualisation tools, help us see accurate representations of shape, form colour and material. Enabling us to share user / experience / theory and philosophy led aspects of design.


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